Agrosped Hungaryexpert of livestock transportation

AGROSPED Hungary járműpark
AGROSPED Hungary járműpark
AGROSPED Hungary járműpark
AGROSPED Hungary járműpark

We are a Hungarian company specializing in international pig and piglet transport (over 8 hours transport).

In recent years we have continued to build up our own fleet of vehicles,
and today we transport a large proportion of piglets and animals for slaughter with our own fleet of vehicles.

We have 3 and 5 floor articulated lorries, all with EURO 6 engines and the latest technology.
The brands of trucks are DAF and Mercedes, trailers are Michieletto, Montull and Pezzaioli.

The drivers are all Hungarians, with over 5 years of experience in live animal transport. Our professional drivers are well trained to be competent, safe and friendly when dealing with customers.

Our most used routes are: Germany, Denmark, Holland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and of course Hungary.

Since 2016 we have had our own wash hall with modern washing technology with high and low pressure and disinfection. After each animal transport, the trucks with their livestock transport trailers are cleaned, washed and disinfected.

Furthermore, our company carries out its activity under the quality standard “QS”.

(QS-ID: 4953113177889, Standortnummer: 348000HU19SZ028)